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Akin1Akin Studios  – AKIN is an independently-run recording studio located on the third floor of the Armory. Started by Matt Scott and Sam Clement in 2011 with additional contributions from J.J. Beck, all Bennington College graduates, the studio’s clientele includes local musicians, students, and musicians out of NYC. Part of AKIN’s vision is to participate in community development through collaboration with surrounding farms, commmunity organizers, and artist facilities. This includes starting a work exchange program that offers discounted recording time for artists willing to donate work hours to affiliated organizations and farms. The employees of AKIN work as musicians, arrangers, composers, producers, and engineers. In the execution of these roles, they aim to provide a personalized production that inherits a musical stamp of the musicians, arrangers, composers, producers, and/or engineers involved. AKIN is in a location that can conveniently, professionally, and affordably support both local musicians and emerging musicians out of the surrounding cities as well as students of the nearby colleges and regional schools. The recording environment at AKIN seeks to provide artists with a professional experience and professional results and to provide the traveling, emerging artist with an inspirational refuge from the exhaustion of city living. Phone: 323-333-8692.

JenaMoms on a Mission to End the Trend - Established in 2015 by locals moms Jena Case and Sarah Barton, Moms on a Mission to End the Trend is a small business aimed to help community members on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. The duo offer endless options, including challenge group meetings, weigh-ins, nutrimental replacement consulting, grocery shopping and food prep sessions, and 1-on-1 support. Download Jena’s Flyer. Phone: 518-312-3797.

webPawparazzi2Pawparazzi Pet Grooming & Photography – Established in 2015 by local artist and photographer, Vanessa Lewis, Pawparrazi Pet Grooming & Photography is a multi-purpose business located downstairs at the Armory. Dogs (and sometimes cats!) of all shapes and sizes come to Pawparazzi for a full spa treatment. Pets are groomed to perfection per their human owner’s preference and then photographed at the end of their session. No one leaves without a bow! Phone: 518-366-3717.