Artist Guild of Hoosick

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The Artist Guild of Hoosick was formed to encourage and promote artists in the Hoosick area. We believe by offering enriching and engaging opportunities to our area we animate, engage and strengthening the life in the community.

“Art Transforms Community”




Hoosick Wish Keepers

Hand-painted with scenes depicting or inspired by the Hoosick community, these one-of-a-kind boxes are perfect for holding your most precious treasures. Designed and painted by local artists, they make great gift and keepsakes. The first workshop will be Tuesday, November 1st at 6:00pm in the Art & Soul Room.

Who’s Looking at You? Hoo-Hoosick Mosaic Project

This January, twenty community artists turned old pottery into unique mosaic owl masterpieces. The twenty owls will be unveiled at our second annual Feed Your Soul, Feed Your Neighbor event.

Pop-Up Seats!

“Pop-Up Seats” consisted of eight benches made from repurposed materials that were painted in a pop-art style and placed around town.

Winter Blues: The Blue Door Project - See all the doors!

Hoosick is IlluminatedMore info here.

Hoosick Community Quilt Project - Members of the community came together to craft a Hoosick Falls quilt. Individuals, families, and friends were invited to create a quilt square of their own, which was compiled into a full-size community quilt, and was released at Hoosick Hullabaloo.


Parasol Project – Thirty-three handpainted parasols were completed by community members as part of HAYC3′s winter 2015 art programs.


Barn Quilt Snowmen Project – Twenty-two snowmen were uniquely painted and then displayed throughout the community as part of an art installation.