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HAYC3 is launching a summer community art project. Called Hoosick Has Heart,’ the finished project will feature 100 ceramic hearts hand-painted and decorated by community members and is meant to emphasize the love and strength Hoosick-ians feel for the place they call home.

Hoosick Falls history is filled with creators and makers of all sorts. There was a time when virtually everything the community needed was crafted, grown, hewn, built, baked or sewn by a neighbor or a friend. The Maker’s Market celebrates that tradition of locally-made and locally-sourced products.

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Summer 2018 – The hoosickbeings project will give community members of all ages and talents the chance to create a totem-like structure that depicts the characters and spirit of the community.

​Welcome the colors and beauty of spring! Hoosick’s first-ever “Bloom Launch” featured fifty blue spheres on which local community artists painted colorful blooms of their own creation. Finished spheres were displayed in both The Perry Room of the HAYC3 Armory and throughout the Hoosick community.

The Artist Guild of Hoosick was formed to encourage and promote artists in the Hoosick area. We believe by offering enriching and engaging opportunities to our area we animate, engage and strengthening the life in the community.