Emergency Appeal

HAYC3, faced with unprecedented financial challenge, reaches out to community for support.

December 2018

Dear HAYC3 Friends and Family,

We had hoped never to have to write this kind of letter, and it has been difficult. Unfortunately, we now have no choice, as HAYC3 is facing an unprecedented financial challenge that is forcing us to make decisions we never imagined we would face just a year ago. If HAYC3 intends to survive this difficult time and continue our invaluable services to the community of Hoosick Falls, especially for our youth and their families, and continue to house several key businesses within the Armory, we’re going to need a significant financial boost—and now!

How did we get here?

  • Over the last three to four years, HAYC3 has continued to tighten its annual budget despite the continued physical demands of the building; approximately $20,000 in unplanned expenses caused by the July 2017 flooding that were not covered by insurance; ongoing damage from the flooding that continues to be discovered; increases in the general cost of doing business; a reduction in grant funding; and a downturn in what community members can donate annually and what they can spend at our various events.
  • In that three- to four-year timeframe, we’ve reduced our expenditures even further than we ever imagined we’d need to, and reduced our staff by 50 percent. Presently, our two full-time staff members are also state-certificated to run our after-school and enrichment camp programs, while also serving as executive director and operations manager, so any further reduction in staffing would impact our after-school and camps programs. In addition, we have per-diems and volunteers whose efforts include visual communications, marketing/media liaison, facility cleaning/maintenance, and events coordination/implementation. We also have four people, who are state-certified to help with our youth programs, on an on-call, as-needed basis.
  • Our 2017-2018 income projection of $228,500 was too ambitious in these difficult times, and the reality was $168,000 raised to offset our actual expenses of $190,000. That kind of shortfall means we entered our 2018-2019 fiscal year on October 1 already behind and no clear way to close up the gap and continue to fund our programs in the same manner we’ve done in the past.

What are we doing about it?

  • We are reaching out with this emergency appeal to current donors/stakeholders/sponsors, our program families, non-donors, and local media with three key goals:
    1. Immediately (by January 1, 2019), we need an infusion of $25,000 to offset deficits outlined above and pay off our current debt.
    2. Shorter term (by April 1, 2019), we need an additional $35,000 to get us through the winter months (higher heating costs and fewer fundraising event opportunities) while maintaining our after-school and vacation camps, and other community programs.
    3. Longer term, we need to restructure and revitalize HAYC3 in ways that allow us to raise $75,000 or higher annually to remain sustainable.
  • We are reviewing all aspects of our business, programs, and infrastructure with the help of community leaders and supporters to begin the process of reimagining what HAYC3 needs to be for the community.
    We are re-examining all of our successes over the years—from fixing fire alarm, electrical, heating, and accessibility code issues to the renovation of spaces for small businesses, events, and an art gallery, from the creation of a certified community kitchen to raising more than $1.5 million for community organizations—so that we can share our story more fully and leverage the importance of all HAYC3 has done in hopes of gaining support and grant funding on a state and national level.

How does the community benefit from supporting HAYC3?

  • We keep the Armory doors open for all the current (and future) businesses housed within its walls and for the multitude of community events and programs that take place within its varied spaces (which are presently not fully utilized).
  • We continue our affordable after-school program currently serving 24 children and our full-day vacation camps serving 20-25 children—giving their families peace of mind while also giving enrolled students a structured environment to work on homework, develop personal and teamwork skills, discover new ideas and achieve goals, foster community spirit, and enrich their lives with themed programs.
  • We continue to host a myriad of events that not only foster a sense of community but are vital to the success of other organizations and programs in the community. These include (to name only a few): Feed Your Soul, Feed Your Neighbor, which benefits local food banks; the Village Cleanup that beautifies the community and helps neighbors in need who can’t tend their yards; the Holiday Pop-Up Shop, which supports local vendors and craftspeople.

How can you help?

  • Make a donation now—every amount helps, especially in this crucial moment.
  • Reach out to corporations and individuals you know who believe in non-profit missions like ours and who have the means to make significant contributions in support of HAYC3.
  • Join the conversation with us, so together we can develop ideas to grow HAYC3’s pool of donors/supporters, expand our leadership and volunteer network, and position HAYC3 differently going forward.

Although we are not alone in facing income declines—many non-profits and charities are feeling the same pinch, even right here in our community—we want you to know we are dedicated to doing everything we can to raise the money needed during this particularly critical time, so that we can march into 2019 with the Armory doors and HAYC3 arms wide open.

We can’t predict what services and programs we can save in 2019, until we know how much funding we can secure at this time, but we promise we want to save them all. If you are unfamiliar with all HAYC3 offers, please take a moment to check out the rest of our website at HAYC3.org. We’re open and committed to reimagining and restructuring how HAYC3 and the Armory function in order to keep providing the services and programs the community values most.

Community is at the heart of HAYC3, and it does “take a village” to keep the core of our efforts going. As hard as it is for us to put this plea out to all of you, we’re confident this community will pull together to keep HAYC3’s mission alive. We’ve seen this community pull together at difficult times before, and we’re confident we’ll see it again.

Contributions are encouraged at any level and can be made online with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal account at HAYC3.org/donate. If sending a check is preferred, it should be made payable to HAYC3 and sent to HAYC3, PO Box 492, Hoosick Falls, NY 12090. All donations are tax-deductible.

With much gratitude for whatever you can do to help pull HAYC3 through this difficult time.

HAYC3 Board of Directors