Prescription Drug Return

The community is invited to bring unused prescription drugs to the Hoosick Falls Village Police Department (exact Spring and Fall dates TBD). This opportunity to safely discard unwanted medications is sponsored by HAYC3.

Abuse of prescription drugs has skyrocketed among teens. Most youths abusing these drugs say they obtain them from their friends or relatives without their knowledge. The first place they often find them in a medicine cabinet. Many teens believe using prescription or over-the-counter medicines to get high is safer and less risky than using street drugs. They can also obtain them for free.

“HAYC3 and prevention groups throughout the country believe the first step in ending their abuse is to limit the availability of prescription and over-the-counter medications,” said Community Liaison Patti Zilinskas. “Safe disposal of these items during an event such as ‘Prescription Take Back Day’ is one solution.”

To prepare for the collection day, take a thorough inventory of all the prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines in your home. Check the medicine cabinet, drawers, closets, ect. Note whether the drugs are expired or if they are still needed. Keep in mind that drugs that have been around for a long time should not be taken as they may be harmful to the patient, no longer potent, or contribute to overdose or complications when mixed with any new prescriptions you or your family members may be taking.

The prescription drug take back program is free and anonymous. Please take the time to black out any personal information that may appear on prescription bottles, such as your name or birth date. All prescription drugs and over-the-counter tablets and capsules will be accepted. No intravenous solutions, injectable, or needles please. Illicit drugs, such as marijuana or methamphetamine, are not part of this collection initiative.

All collected drugs will be disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

For additional information, please call HAYC3 at 518-686-9050.