“HAYC3 makes our town stronger.”

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“They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it only makes sense that a stronger village gives all its citizens a better chance to succeed…With that being said there is no doubt in my mind that HAYC3 makes our village (town) stronger. I see it as a supplement to the strong schools and strong sports programs that the children have access to. Let’s not forget that HAYC3 not only saved the Armory from falling into disrepair, but it renovated the building so that this community can continue to be proud of what it stands for….strength of community in our area. Providing community outreach, cultural education and access to the Arts gives our citizens the opportunity to be better people in a stronger community. Couple that with the fact that HAYC3 helps small businesses get started, and I would say we are darn lucky to have a gathering place such as HAYC3 in our town.”

– Jim Martinez