Hoosical Furnishings & Fun

Saturday, May 5, 7pm
Yard Art & Community Skillsharing

Nothing grows without a little nurturing. That includes people.

At this year’s Hoosical Furnishings & Fun, we’ll add to the beauty of our community gardens and help each other grow in ways we never imagined.

A live auction will feature a mix of dozens of locally-crafted art objects suitable for outdoor display and use, PLUS, a number of local skill-sharing sessions.

Led by neighbors with amazing talents you didn’t know they had (You’re a bagpiper?!) and a willingness to teach, skillsharing offers the chance to learn about new skill one-on-one and forge a new connection in the community.

Skillsharing session will be scheduled around the mutual availability of both parties.


Here’s your chance to share your talents with your neighbors for a good cause.

We’re talking big talents – like growing peonies, rock climbing, engine repair, and welding – and small talents – think bread baking, needlepoint, using Excel, and even throwing darts. If you can do it, there’s a good chance somebody else would love the chance to learn.

Just let us know what you can do and we’ll help craft the offer for auction. Get started here: