Hoosick Barn Quilt Trail

Download the Trail Map

The Hoosick Barn Quilt Trail is a community-wide celebration of art, music, and rural culture in Hoosick. Thirty-one barn quilts were painted by Hoosick community members, and then hung on barns and buildings throughout the town. The barn quilts celebrate our community and our heritage in the Town of Hoosick, Village of Hoosick Falls, and the surrounding hamlets.

As an organization we are leading rural revival through art and community, so this project is part of that. Linda Fitzsimmons, a local business owner, works closely with the Northeastern NY Chapter of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and suggested to us we work together on a project that would benefit our community and those battling Cystic Fibrosis. That became this project.

The Hoosick Barn Quilt Trail will be up until autumn 2017; properties where they are hung may keep them up for as long as they’d like, but all have agreed to do so for two years. The 31 barn quilts are throughout the town and village.