“Hoosick Hits Refresh” Program

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Thanks to the generous funding of The Whipstock Foundation, HAYC3 tackled a number of beautification projects around village as part of its “Hoosick Hits Refresh” program.

Among the initial projects covered by the program will be the creation of garden beds for neighbors, flower planting throughout the community, and the installation of storefront planters for local businesses.

Our amazing community came out to volunteer to build garden beds for one of our neighbors! HAYC3 would like to say thank you to John Robertson and Riley Drew-Cross who built the beds, to Dave Sutton and Mike Bacon for organizing the soil, St. Gobain and Dean Bushey for getting the lumber. Also thank you to the Hoosick Falls Boy Scouts and Meredith Vancorbach for offering to help!

Photo by Binyamin Mellish from Pexels