HAYC3 Community Garden

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Our Community Garden continues to grow!

In 2012, Don and Kathleen Fitzpatrick donated to HAYC3 an area of land at 50 Church Street located in the heart of the community. In the same year, HAYC3 which is dedicated to kid-driven, community engaging, creative green spaces started the HAYC3 Kids Community Garden. Weekly, youth of our community come to plant and tend the garden this organic garden. They also learn about and eat the healthy fruits and vegetables they harvest.

Meet Tink, our first permanent sculpture installation in the HAYC3 Kids Community Garden. This metal piece is dedicated to Richard Tinkham and shares his name. Created by Aelish Nealon and welded by Josh Parent. HAYC3 would like to thank the amazingly talented Josh Parent (and his adorable family – Jaime, Lily and Alex) for welding Tink together.


Benefits of a Community Garden