HAYC3: Rural Revival and Economic Development

Armory Tenants

HAYC3 (Hoosick Armory, Youth Center, and Community Coalition) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster the well-being of our community. This is accomplished through a variety of rural revival initiatives including: Arts, wellness, youth & community programs; small business incubation; community events and outreach; and partnerships with community organizations.

HAYC3 is many things to many people, but in short we are a rural revival and community arts organization based in Hoosick Falls, New York.

Our goal is to restore rural sustainability and drive economic development through art, culture, education, and health. We work toward these goals through being a community incubator, an art center, and a place of opportunity.

We are the community hub driving rural development. We are here to help businesses in their incubation stage of existence. We currently provide space and support for three startup businesses in the HAYC3 Armory. We have space and opportunities for others, including a certified kitchen available for startups.

Our children are our future; we have programs to enrich the youth of our community, building a new generation of responsible citizens who have a sense of community. Through the HAYC3 Youth Center, we provide a safe place for kids to learn teamwork, create art, and to grow as human beings.

Our common cause is our community. HAYC3 strives to build and unite Hoosick through a variety of programs, services, and initiatives. Through community-inspired and driven programs, we make it possible for people of all ages — your neighbors — to engage in enriching activities that build their minds, bodies, spirits, and, most importantly, our community.

On January 2017, HAYC3 consolidated all of its programs to the HAYC3 Armory. In the two years since we took possession of the Armory, we’ve put a great deal of time and energy into bringing the building up to code, enhancing access, and creating new and usable spaces that now make a consolidation possible.

How has the move benefited HAYC3 and the community?

The move has:

  • consolidated HAYC3’s resources and programming in one location that is accessible to people of all ages and abilities.
  • allowed HAYC3 to expand programming to take advantage of the space and opportunities available in the Armory.
  • provided a central location for the development and offering of programming.
  • reduced operational costs and streamlined management of programming through consolidation, thus reducing dependency on outside funding sources.

The complete transition plan and tentative floor plan indicating the intended use of space in the Armory is available on our website HAYC3.org.