HAYC3 Earns High Marks from SAMHSA

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A recent site visit by Public Health Advisor Angela Richardson of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA) revealed that HAYC3 (Hoosick Armory, Youth Center & Community Coalition) is meeting all the requirements of the organization’s Drug Free Communities grant program and excelling in a number of areas.

Awarded in 2005, the grant provides $125,000 of funding annually for a period of ten years to the Hoosick-based non-profit organization. Periodic site visits and evaluations are some of the tools SAMHSA uses to determine if grantees are meeting the terms and obligations of their grant award.

At the conclusion of her visit Richardson reported that HAYC3 was meeting all the requirements of the grant. Richardson noted, “(HAYC3) Coalition members appear to be fully engaged…and receive strong support from key stakeholders in its community including elected officials, key community leaders, the school board, and law enforcement.”

As part of her visit, Richardson toured the Youth Center as well as the recently acquired Armory. HAYC3 Community Outreach Coordinator Jason Jansen said, “Angela was particularly impressed with the sustainability potential that the Armory provides. Expanded programming in the Armory as well as ongoing programming in the Center will allow us provide opportunities to the community and generate the funding needed to keep us going once the term of the grant has passed.”

Richards, who attended a Coalition meeting during her visit, also noted that, “The HAYC3 Coalition is doing a good job with mobilizing the community to address community norms around underage drinking, marijuana, and prescription drug use. The level of community involvement was seen in the well attended coalition meeting and the Mayor taking time out of a busy schedule to attend part of the meeting.”

Richardson concluded her visit noting that the HAYC3 coalition is an excellent example of how well a strong coalition can function and that she hopes to reach out to the staff and members of HAYC3 in the future to offer advice and assist other struggling Coalition’s across the country.