Support Local!

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Shop Local & Independent
Shopping at locally-owned and independent stores keeps three to four times more money in the local economy than shopping at chains does.

Make Holiday Meals with Locally-Grown Food
Locally-grown and -produced foods are good for you and your neighbors.

Shop in Your Neighborhood
Shopping close to home saves you time and money, and keeps your local economy strong.

Encourage Others to Shop Local
Gift certificates to local restaurants and markets are a great way to encourage others to live local.

Give a Gift Membership
Give a gift of belonging with memberships to local non-profit organizations, museums, libraries, or cultural institutions.

Gift the Gift of Yourself
Instead of wrapping up another thing, offer your help or services. Cooking, gardening, snow shoveling, and babysitting are always welcome gifts.

Use Cash, Not Credit
When you pay with cash, you keep more money in your community by helping businesses avoid credit card company and bank fees.

Support Local Workers
Put people before profits.

Support Sustainable Business
Sustainable businesses are good for the community and the planet. Help keep them in business.

Trade with a Neighbor
Go retro and bring back small town bartering.