School Vacation Enrichment Programs

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Kids in the HAYC3 Program will explore, examine, experiment, exercise, create, draw, paint, build, bond, discover new ideas, develop personal and teamwork skills, get wet, share and have fun. The Program’s themes are varied and will appeal to kids at every level.

The HAYC3 Summer Enrichment Program is New York State Certified and runs Monday through Fridays from 8am to 4pm. Extended hours are 7-8am and 4-5pm and cost $5/hour. Kids should bring a lunch; snacks will be provided. We will take the children to the Town Pool each afternoon. The cost is $120 per week.

Rensselaer County Department for Youth and NYS OCFS provide a portion of funding for this program.

June 26-30: Secret Spy Camp
In this action-packed week, campers are charged with one mission: to have fun. Activities ranging from code breaking and mastering disguises to treasure hunts and walkie-talkie training, provide a revealing week of learning and fun.

July 10-14: Bug Camp
From weaving webs to flying miles high, insects accomplish the seemingly impossible. In this camp kids will collect and observe a variety of bugs, learn about their methods of motion and their role in the environment, and build a bug model (or spin a web).

July 17-21: Teddy Bear Camp
Cuddle up campers! This week will feature a bit of indoor camping with our favorite furry friend: the teddy bear. Whether you bring your own or borrow a resident bear, campers will love learning about the different kinds of bears, what they eat, where they live, and how to camp with them in the woods.

July 24-28: Tree House Camp
Budding architects and master crafters will love building mini treehouses in this one-week camp. Whether its built for fairies or action figures, the finished houses will make the most of campers’ creative spirits and architectural talents.

July 31-August 4: Filmfest
And… action! Whether you’ve always wanted to be in front of the camera or behind it, this camp promises a lot of fun and well, action! Spend the week developing your own film idea and then bring it to life with actors, props, and drama. The week concluded with red carpet premieres and, of course, popcorn.

August 7-11: Passport to France
From culture and traditions to food and language, the world of France is immensely different from our own. This week, we’ll explore those aspects of the country as well as common children’s games, sports, famous architecture, French cuisine and art.

August 14-18: Once Upon a Time
This week’s activities will be built around the classic tales of EB White. From building boats for a sea-faring mouse to weaving web messages suitable for any barn or bedroom, every day will offer a story-based adventure and activity.

August 21-25: Good Neighbor Week
In this week of community service, we’ll put the concept of “pay it forward” into practice by doing good deeds for neighbors and friends all around town. Children will contribute ideas and energy to help build a stronger, more connected community.